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Treviso the Quieter Cooler Venice

Why Treviso, How about no stress, no crowds, no crazy prices and all the beauty. The walled city and sometimes called commune is the small downtown area a couple of miles from the airport. Thousands of tourists on their way to Venice pass right by Treviso and never know it’s there. Now you do. You should take advantage of that. If you like quiet, cool vacations without all the downside of tourists.


How about a great apartment for less than sixty bucks per night in a beautiful neighborhood. Meander lovely canal lined streets with Rennaissance frescoed churches. Eat fantastic food from local shops without the costs and influence of over touristy locations.

Cozy modern apartment in treviso
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Here’s an offbeat what to do when you get there. How about take the hobbies you already enjoy with you. At your next dinner party, you can tell your story of fly fishing in Treviso. Think your in-laws can match it?


If you enjoy shopping you find some of the best at the Treviso high street of Via Calmaggiore. A little town loaded with beautiful squares, shopping, parks, and eateries. Combined with beautiful architecture, Rennaissance art, and all the romance of Venice.