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Multi-Level Marketing Trending Against Tradition

Multi-Level Marketing holds its ground in a Google Trends comparison.

If you’re searching for an opportunity, maybe re-thinking multi-level marketing is a wise decision. Compared to other standard ease of entry markets multi-level marketing is looking like the surer bet.

Here we see a stable and growing interest in multi-level marketing.

Conversely, there is a waning of interest in real estate. Financial guru’s are questioning the traditional wisdom of your home as your best investment. Many are preaching it’s now o.k. to stay a renter while you build financial stability and other investments.

Franchising was once viewed as the safe bet in small business ( . . . and compared to success rates of other small business start-ups it is). A little like multi-level marketing it offers a proven system. The problem is it lacks the flexibility and keeps business owners tied to operating the business.

We can even see a decline in retail. The modern consumer is valuing experience above physical goods. Sure, we all need to buy things, but what we buy and how often is changing. With the exception of the holiday season spikes; retail interests continue to depreciate.

Offering the opportunity for freedom in the way we work, a chance at real financial success, and proven sales and self-improvement systems MLM and Network Marketing companies are holding interest and gaining ground.