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Network marketing success depends on more than just business. Find out what to do and where to go with your MLM success.

Sweat The Small Stuff And Stop Losing Your Keys.

Getting organized will help reduce stress and increase productivity.

Stop searching for the things you need. Don’t misplace your keys. Act on the small stuff. Make your environment part of your productivity.

Follow a few tips on getting organized and save yourself time and frustration while increasing your ability to achieve success.

If your workspace is too cluttered to efficiently grab what you need and stay on track you need to make a change. Get rid of clutter.

Get organized. Keep your space productive.

Rory Sutherland (an ad man with credentials too long to list) says “Sweat the small stuff . . . “

Here’s some small stuff you can get in line right now.

Keep everything in a place that makes sense. Use a dish or “key bowl” to keep your keys near the front door. You’ll stop wasting time searching for them and always be ready to go. Use this as a place to keep anything that needs to go with you when you leave. Mail, things that need to be returned, plan ahead for bags, books, and brief cases.

Pick up and organize as you go. The more you do now the less you have built up later. When walking from room to room take the things that are left out with you. Pick up the newspaper when you walk by the coffee table.

Have a place for everything that comes in. Sort mail when you receive it. Get rid of the junk mail and organize the rest. Create a system of filing and act on it in time. Chores that need to be done serve as a constant reminder and contribute to feeling overwhelmed. Reducing demands on your time reduces stress.

Finish one project before you begin another. Going back rarely happens and each visit to the undone project creates anxiety. Your space will be in a constant state of confusion. This applies to your work projects as well, partial completions and backlogs hinder success.

Organize closets and fine tune your routine. Cut the small decisions you face every day and you’ll have more energy for the big ones. Each event and decision you make will build on the next one. Make efficiency a priority and you’ll increase productivity. Carry this into your bathroom and have access to your daily supplies to start your day with the right mindset.

Don’t let paperwork pile up. If it’s important but not part of your daily business store it. If its part of your current projects get it where it belongs. If its no longer needed or digitized then recycle it.

Back up your files and clear off that desktop while you’re at it. Computers are machines and they need maintenance in order to produce. Spend the time creating the necessary folders and digital organization systems necessary to keep your business operating at its peak.

Think in terms of consistently completing the small jobs. This builds momentum and increased performance. Creating unnecessary large and time-consuming tasks will take away from your ability to succeed. Small stressors contribute to larger ones.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these tips on getting organized and increase productivity in your home business.

Visiting Athens Eat Here: Dionysos Zonars

This restaurant is more than just food. This is an experience. I recommend visiting at night and then stroll along the Acropolis shops for coffee and gifts.

DIONYSOS outdoors acropolis view

Try this: arnaki ambelourgou (lamb wrapped in vine leaves, with melted cheese and vegetables). It is every bit as good as it sounds or the kritharoto me garides (Greek pasta in tomato sauce with shrimp). Don’t think about leaving without enjoying the Baklava for dessert.

DIONYSOS restaurant under the acropolis

Even if the food and service weren’t spectacular. The views and atmosphere are worth the visit. You’ll want for nothing at this gorgeous Greek restaurant overlooking the breathtaking Acropolis.

Want to know more . . . click here and check out their website.

Treviso the Quieter Cooler Venice

Why Treviso, How about no stress, no crowds, no crazy prices and all the beauty. The walled city and sometimes called commune is the small downtown area a couple of miles from the airport. Thousands of tourists on their way to Venice pass right by Treviso and never know it’s there. Now you do. You should take advantage of that. If you like quiet, cool vacations without all the downside of tourists.


How about a great apartment for less than sixty bucks per night in a beautiful neighborhood. Meander lovely canal lined streets with Rennaissance frescoed churches. Eat fantastic food from local shops without the costs and influence of over touristy locations.

Cozy modern apartment in treviso
Apartment Airbnb.com

Here’s an offbeat what to do when you get there. How about take the hobbies you already enjoy with you. At your next dinner party, you can tell your story of fly fishing in Treviso. Think your in-laws can match it?


If you enjoy shopping you find some of the best at the Treviso high street of Via Calmaggiore. A little town loaded with beautiful squares, shopping, parks, and eateries. Combined with beautiful architecture, Rennaissance art, and all the romance of Venice.